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Woot! come out Monday July 30 5-8pm to GET A TASTE of the best shake for your fitness goals, Formula 1 Sport.



I’ll be talking with folks, setting up FREE WELLNESS EVALUATIONS and gathering emails for a BIG CONTEST event in August.  SIGN UP NOW



I even got fancy, your phone will also take you to the signup.


I only have a bike for transportation right now, so I loaded up my sampling materials, including soymilk which is heavy!, into a duffle, onto my back, and … in the RAIN??

Now I’ve definitely stayed home from the gym to not ride in the rain, but this is my first contact in my new neighborhood and no way was I going to miss the opportunity I had worked so hard to get!

Turned out, I must have parted the clouds with my sunny disposition, because I made it 5 miles to my destination barely wet even as the dark sky looked like it was about to open the spigot…

{July 13, 2012}   People read me!! (**blush**))

Oh my goodness, I have gotten several comments and/or email responses to my posts, which somehow got caught on a spam filter widget.

First, thank you so much for reading my posts. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share. I will definitely be writing more. If you have questions or topics you would be interested in, leave a comment or send  email to havenco@ymail.com

Second, now I know to check out these platform a little more closely and streamline how it works best. I’m working on a second page, so stay tuned for MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS!

Herbalife24 Formula1 Sport

I’m very excited to announce that I will be out and about over the next few weeks promoting Herbalife 24 sports performance line!

I’ll be at Krank It spin studio from 8-11 am,

sampling Formula1 Sport and doing body fat measurements. If you are in the Palm Beaches come by to check out this fun new studio right on Highway 1 in Juno Beach.

(Also stay tuned for a contest!)

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{June 22, 2012}   Herbalife24 Product Spotlight

Sports Performance line

Herbalife24. Nutrition for the 24-Hour Athlete™.

{June 22, 2012}   New Foods: Amaranth
Image: Amaranth Seed

Amaranth Seed

Amaranth is a tiny seed that packs a healthy punch, high in zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, and calcium, as well as a complementing source of thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and folate. However, it is also high in phytic acid, which can inhibit mineral absorption by the body. You can get the most bioavailable mineral content by pre-soaking your grain for about 8 hours.

Amaranth has a slightly nutty flavor. One way I have been incorporating amaranth recently is to mix in a couple tablespoons to my daily steel cut oats. This gives a creamy texture and adds a boost of the amino acid lysine, which is crucial in calcium absorption. (In addition, amaranth has been shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels through the plant stanols and squalene. With the soluble oat fiber, you are giving your blood vessels a great cleanup!)

To enhance the mineral uptake, prep your breakfast before bed by soaking both grains in room temperature water, in a rice cooker. When I wake up, I simply click the cooker on and add cinnamon/applesauce/raisins or maybe some berries or peaches. It takes a rice cooker about 45 minutes to cook from dry, but if presoaked, your hot breakfast will be ready in about 15 minutes. More delicious and way cheaper than oats at the coffee or smoothie shop!!


2 Tbsp Amaranth

  • 90 cal grams
  • protein 3.5
  • carb 16
  •      fiber 3.5
  • fat 1.5

Heather Lynn Darby is a nutrition consultant and coach, specializing in cellular nutrition.

For information on my Weight Loss Challenges or Coaching Packages, email havenco2@gmail.com

{March 6, 2012}   The Cold Water Myth

This is a myth that keeps coming back around… it goes like this: “If you drink icy cold water, your body will have to burn extra calories just to bring it to body temperature, and will therefore help you lose weight.”

The reality: It really doesn’t make any difference.

The reason behind this is that 1 calorie is required to raise one gram of water one degree. The fact is that a *nutritional* calorie is actually a kilocalorie. That means you would need to raise 1000 grams of water one degree (celcius) to burn one nutritional Kcal.

In layman’s terms you would need to drink 8 cups of water 20C degrees cooler than room temperature, which is is as cold as you can get water before it freezes, to burn just 10 nutritional calories.

To be effective in increasing energy consumption, you would almost literally have to put yourself into a state of hypothermia to induce shivering. So unless you want to sit in your icy water until you turn blue, just drink your water at a temperature that you find pleasant.

I like room temperature water because I can drink it faster (I know I’m not a sipper), I have sensitive teeth, and I don’t want brain freeze!

If you like the flavor of cold water better though, do what it takes to drink it up.

{February 12, 2012}   Hello world!

I am a fitness enthusiast and nutrition coach. I have been on a path of life reinvention based on having a better attitude, creating calm and balance in my life.

My consulting business’ name reflects this: My home is a haven, and I live in my body, so I am taking care to foster internal physical and emotional healing, so I can enjoy life to the fullest.

Anyone who would like to keep me company on this journey of peace and wellness is welcome to follow me, who knows what awesomeness may transpire!

{February 12, 2012}   Weight Loss Challenge 2/25 – 5/12

Weight Loss Challenge.pdf

Very excited to bring my coaching experience back to Denver! In addition to my one-on-one nutrition and wellness coaching, I am expanding into my local community with an exciting WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE.

Have fun losing weight, without being hungry, and maybe win some $$BUX$$

Look better, feel better, and have more energy!  All this is achievable on a 90 day program. Can you commit to 90 days?

et cetera