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{March 6, 2012}   The Cold Water Myth

This is a myth that keeps coming back around… it goes like this: “If you drink icy cold water, your body will have to burn extra calories just to bring it to body temperature, and will therefore help you lose weight.”

The reality: It really doesn’t make any difference.

The reason behind this is that 1 calorie is required to raise one gram of water one degree. The fact is that a *nutritional* calorie is actually a kilocalorie. That means you would need to raise 1000 grams of water one degree (celcius) to burn one nutritional Kcal.

In layman’s terms you would need to drink 8 cups of water 20C degrees cooler than room temperature, which is is as cold as you can get water before it freezes, to burn just 10 nutritional calories.

To be effective in increasing energy consumption, you would almost literally have to put yourself into a state of hypothermia to induce shivering. So unless you want to sit in your icy water until you turn blue, just drink your water at a temperature that you find pleasant.

I like room temperature water because I can drink it faster (I know I’m not a sipper), I have sensitive teeth, and I don’t want brain freeze!

If you like the flavor of cold water better though, do what it takes to drink it up.


Kimberly says:

Like my aquafina purificada ice cold but not enough to induce hypothermia! Great article!


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