Haven & Company

{February 12, 2012}   Hello world!

I am a fitness enthusiast and nutrition coach. I have been on a path of life reinvention based on having a better attitude, creating calm and balance in my life.

My consulting business’ name reflects this: My home is a haven, and I live in my body, so I am taking care to foster internal physical and emotional healing, so I can enjoy life to the fullest.

Anyone who would like to keep me company on this journey of peace and wellness is welcome to follow me, who knows what awesomeness may transpire!


{February 12, 2012}   Weight Loss Challenge 2/25 – 5/12

Weight Loss Challenge.pdf

Very excited to bring my coaching experience back to Denver! In addition to my one-on-one nutrition and wellness coaching, I am expanding into my local community with an exciting WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE.

Have fun losing weight, without being hungry, and maybe win some $$BUX$$

Look better, feel better, and have more energy!  All this is achievable on a 90 day program. Can you commit to 90 days?

{February 12, 2012}   Peace

To me this bas relief of the reclining Buddha speaks to the peace of being that is revealed when what is not us is chipped away, yet we are still made of and nestled within the world.

et cetera